Dream Diary

If you want to know more about yourself, you can use a source constantly available to you – your subconscious. Your dreams can disclose valuable information about you. But how to employ that source, if dreams tend to fade away during first few minutes after awakening? You should keep a dream diary, and make a habit of writing down your dreams right away.

- Keep a notebook or a phone by your bed.

- Don’t rush to shake off the dream, lie still for a moment, recall what you saw and felt.

- Preferably do not delay the writing – the more time goes by, the harder work to recall the dream.

- If you haven’t recorded the dream at the moment you had it, don’t worry too much. When you start writing about it, your memory will give much more than you expected.

- Describe as best as you can – even a tiny detail can trigger recollection better than a bare retelling of what happened.

- Note every emotion or feeling you had at every given moment of your dream.

- If something in your dream surprised you or made you wonder, or was rather unusual, write it down as well.

If you read your dream diary after some time, you’d be surprised how easy your memory puts you back in the dream and evoke feelings you had. It could be quite an outstanding and revealing experience. Dream diary kept for a while could manifest some patterns or point out some significant areas in your life you should pay attention to.