Have you ever tried to understand your dream? Have you woken up with a thought “What have I just seen?? What does it mean?” Do you wish dreams could be read as easy as a book? Well, if you’re here, you have and you do. Let’s do this together in this project.

The Dreaming Bear

The Dreaming Bear is me. And although I have a degree in psychology, the skill of reading people’s dreams came mostly out of trying to understand life itself, to understand us, people, and how our subconscious works. I believe our subconscious is very powerful and can say a lot about us and the things happening in our lives through dreams.

How To Translate A Dream

It’s not that complicated, really. All things a person experiences in real life bring inside that person’s mind and that person’s body tons of emotions. To understand yourself and your own behavior you have to look closely at the emotions you have. Subconscious does that for you – in your dreams. So to understand your dream you have to study the emotions you had during that dream.

How To Send Me Your Dream

To submit your dream, you have to go to Submit page, or simply fill out the form right down below. But first please take a look at these useful tips:

  • Write thoroughly every emotion you can recall regarding every single thing you did/saw/heard/thought/felt/...whatever in you dream. Every other sentence should contain your contemplation about how you felt in that particular moment. For example: “I remember I looked out the window and saw a stranger, and instantly I felt panic, my heart went wild, I felt like I was trapped in my home, like some animal in the cage, and that man could perfectly see me. It was some deep and strong fear, fear of inability to defend myself, I was unable to run away and hide from his eyes, from his cruel intentions. I was all there, seen through the windows, weak before his eyes.” You can read some dreams examples here.
  • Please, take reading dreams as a game. I’m not a psychic, I’m not a therapist, a forecaster, a medium, a mind-reader or any other specialist in that area. All I really do is try to understand and translate your dream based on your description. So please describe your dream the best you can.
  • If you want your dream to be published in “Others’ Dreams” section, please, specify this desire under your dream description. I do not use the dreams any other way and do not post them anywhere except here. I do not use information from the dream except trying to help you to understand it. If you feel uncomfortable, feel free to use fake names.
  • Write your valid email address. I will write you back as soon as I can.

If you interested, please, read some examples of dreams explanations here.

To submit your dream fill out this form:

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Please describe your dream and your feelings during that dream the best you can.