I remember I was walking around some city. Huge buildings, some park, many people. Suddenly I saw a strange animal and thought it escaped from a zoo. It was a big tall gorilla, with blue-black hair looking black like oil. I got really scared. I started running away among people, I was afraid this thing would catch me. It looked like it could do such a thing and easily pull out limbs from a human body. People around me got scared too.

I ran into that park, there was some party with lots of kids. I saw that thing running through the trees. It wasn’t chasing me, but I was afraid that if it sees me it will kill me. So I ran again. This park held place on a top of some building floor, and I saw that thing running along the street down there. So I changed my way and ran towards other buildings. Oh, I think I saw a tiger. Some people were trying to catch him, but he was rampaging. I remember I thought what if that tiger fought that gorilla and killed it.

So I ran away and suddenly I was at home. Now I realize it didn’t look like my house or any other house I might consider home, but I was sure I was at home. Maybe it looked like our summer house? Anyway, my mother was there. I came to the window and saw something black. I almost startled, but then I realize it was just a kitten. A tiny little kitten with black fur. I opened the window and took him in. When I held him in my arms I saw how skinny that kitten was. Also I saw burs in his fur and started to pick them out. That’s it.

My emotions? I remember I was really scared, and when at home I felt relieved and ok.