I’m at home, at the apartment I live in right now. It’s one bedroom flat on the first floor, with two windows on the same side of the building. The storey is quite high, but a passerby still could peek into my windows.

It’s winter, and there are big snowdrifts outside. There’s a man going above that snowdrifts, trying to look into my windows. He steps a bit back, where the surface is a bit higher, and stares into. I’m frightened of such attention, I walk around the apartment.

I go into the bathroom, and suddenly get scared that while I wasn’t watching him that man could get to my door. I run to the door, and here he is – standing right behind my door in the hall, I see him through the peephole. The man understands that I’ve noticed him, and we’re like staring at each other for some time, soundlessly.

“What do you want?” – I ask as threateningly as I can (and nervously) through the door.

“I want to speak to you,” says the man, nervously as well, but politely.

I get a little calmer (because he’s not hostile) and reply:

“I have a boyfriend.”

The man waits a bit by the door, and then goes away, and my fear slowly fades away.

I go to the room, to the window. It’s summer outside. My home stands higher now (somehow), and I can see some huge avenue right before my window. The wind is very strong outside, trees kneels down, waving with their leafage. I hear a sound seems like raging waves at a seashore, and think “There’s a storm on the sea again”. Then I step to the window and close the window leaf.


I want to point few things out:

- I’ve never dreamt this particular apartment before, especially so detailed. Why wasn’t it my parents’ home, which I dream a lot of? Not my previous apartment?

- I have no boyfriend. When I told the man “I have a boyfriend” by the door, I remember I had this dialog with myself in the dream: “Well, I’ve just had a date with some man, so it’s not really a complete lie”. When I woke up, I realized, that the man in the dream was the man I just had a date with. Isn’t that strange?

- Why – all of a sudden – a sea? I’ve never dreamt about a sea before.



Please, describe your emotions in the dream the best you can. Anything you can recall.



Well, in the beginning I was really scared. I remember I looked out the window and saw a stranger, and instantly I felt panic, my heart went wild, I felt like I was trapped in my home, like some animal in the cage, and that man could perfectly see me. It was some deep and strong fear, fear of inability to defend myself, I was unable to run away and hide from his eyes, from his cruel intentions. I was all there, seen through the windows, weak before his eyes. Such a heavy and paralyzing feeling.

I was afraid he could break into my home and harm me, that’s why I hurried to the door, to do something to prevent it. When I saw him standing there in the hall, I got scared even more. I tried to speak like I’m brave and hostile, but really I could just pass out, so scared I was.

When he goes away, I feel calmer. The fear goes away too.

When I hear the seashore and the wind, I like forget I was just scared to death. It all goes away like it’s never been there at all.

That’s all. The dream was quite short, but very intense.



Thank you, it was very helpful.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to set out my version of explanation according to the points you wrote in the end.

1) Home

I think your home in this dream is you yourself. That’s why you see it as detailed and current – because the events worrying you the most are happening right now in your life, to you. Your apartment is your personality, physically and psychologically, in a whole. So you fear for your own integrity, you fear for this man to break into you, not into your home, and harm you, not your belongings. This goes to –

2) Man

I think it is significant, that the man you’re afraid so much, that menacing stranger with presumably cruel intentions, – is the same man you went on a date with. It means you’re afraid of him. I think not in a way he can really harm you – but more in a way what changes and uncertainties he can bring into your life along with him. Break into your home – I don’t think means literally “break into your body”, but more like break into your thoughts, change the accustomed pace of things in your life, disturb your quietude, maybe even change you. It looks like you perceive him as a person with potentially strong influence over you. That’s why you’re afraid of him so much, that’s why he’s got to your door (the way inside you and your world) so quickly, so unexpectedly.

And you deal with him by telling him you have a boyfriend, telling him you already have some kind of commitment – as it turns out, to that man himself. And he goes away. That may indicate that you perceive this man as a person who could be scared off by a commitment, even by sounding out the possibility of one.

3) Sea

I think the sea and the wind represent changes. Your window view changes – that means your way of seeing things changes. You’re not afraid anymore. Even the sound of a storm nearby doesn’t scare you now.